Erik Chistov (Instagram: @erychist),
the winner of our first photography contest on Instagram.

Introduce yourself, who you are and what do you do in your life?

My name is Erik. I am Iceland based part time photographer. To be exact, I live on a little island South part of Iceland, which is Vestmannaeyjar. Originally I am from Latvia and I am 28 years old.

As I am living on a little fisherman focused island, my main job is from the same category. During autumn I used to work as a fisherman on the Icelandic boats.

You win our first photography contest on Instagram. What’s the story behind the winning shot?

The story behind the winning shot is pretty simple. Since i moved to Iceland in 2019, I always had some sort of feeling inside myself, that I am not supposed to be here right now. It felt like inner part of mine should of be somewhere back in the times , running as a viking.

Before I went for the ring road around whole Mainland, i decided to create video with the same idea. One solo traveler is exploring the Iceland, and at the same time his soul flew away from his body and moved back in the times .
Link for the video for better understanding: here
So the shot I won competition with is just a apart of the whole idea.

How did your passion for photography come from?

My passion into photography came to me as soon as I started to travel back in 2016. But the first camera gear and real understanding of photography I got only in the end of 2018.

What’s your favorite lens? Why?

I don’t own many lenses . I own APSC camera , which is Sony a6500 , so the only 2 lenses I got for it at the moment are: 30mm Sigma f/1.4 and 16mm Sigma f/1.4 . I am really looking into getting Sony 70-200 mm f/4 g OSS, so i can use it fol full frame later on as well.

Five years from now. Where are you?

Honestly. No idea . I have couple of huge projects coming in, hopefully. As soon as the world will became the same we used to live in, I will try to move on and make them projects real. So the only thing I can say: we will see.
Hopefully, I will see myself and my family happy in 5 years from now. Thats the main thing.

Who are the photographers and videomakers creators that inspire you most?

Videomakers :

Photographers :

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